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Howdy, and welcome To The Sarah Vista Social Club diary....

Day 1. Outlaw lock-in!

Below is a lovely picture of the Henchman I took at Unit 2 Studios, back when things were sort of, well, "normal". Been an explosive few months really, hasn't it??!

I hope everyone is keeping well, given the shocking worldwide situation we all had so suddenly thrust upon us. I'd like to completely avoid mentioning it, but feel it would be weird not to explain why I'm here!

I'm sure like many, you too have been finding this whole "Pandemic" thing bizarre & daunting, but I hope you are managing to maintain some kind of humour, fun and way to manage through this!

To fill you in from my corner of the world - I work in Music venues alongside (and to part-fund) this music project. I very suddenly found myself coming home from Memphis, Ameripolitan trophy in hand with a bright musical future ahead to being suddenly without my job during all closures. All tours, festival shows and recording plans I was excitedly about to announce are either cancelled or on hold for the foreseeable, too. I realise I am one of MANY in the same shaky boat, and there's always a silver lining, no matter how dark the cloud, so one plus side to this situation means I have a little more time on my hands to focus on what I love the most in life, the MUSIC. I also realise I am a chatterbox and have a deep need to connect with people who have the same passions, & so one of the things I've decided to try is a more regular sort of "online diary" where I can go a little deeper than I do on Social Media. I hope it proves to be a more personal way of keeping in touch with friends of the project. That's YOU, and thank you for coming here, and welcome! Feel free to reach out, check out some of the inspirations I post or just read and run - whatever makes you feel good....

Today I'm working on the mailing list/uploading forthcoming releases, and plotting some projects I plan to make to keep you all entertained....

I'm currently listening to Summer Wine by the most wonderful Nancy Sinatra, (pictured with Lee Hazelwood) This song was recently sent to me on 7" by my friend and regular Social Clubber Cowgal Sue.....thank you ma'am!

For those without the record, here's a youtube link!

Next up, Some Velvet Morning.... followed by "Sand". I'm going to sit back and enjoy..

Have a wonderful day! SV <3

Don't forget a little Henchman cheer.... Thanks to Jeff who beside being a truly incredible musician runs the site, and helped set me up this diary space, so big cheers to the Hench!:

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