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Friday. Diary day 2.

So, I had all these wonderful plans for what I was hoping to share here today. Then I stumbled into a black mood from outta nowhere. I figured that's what keeping a diary is all about, right?! Good times, bad times, as Robert Plant triumphantly hollered?! So I decided to write something anyway.

At this point (we all have black days, especially at the moment!), I look to the old faithful, music to save the day. A tonic, something like a stiff whiskey. So I thought I'd listen to the musical equivalent, the original Man in Black, Johnny Cash. I have a fond memory of visiting the JC museum in Nashville a few years back. For those who haven't been, if you ever get the chance to go, its amazing. A small museum which houses copies of all his records, some of his guitars, and almost best of all, this great digital mixer, where you could bring the faders up and down and effectively do your own mix of his tracks! I stood at this desk for over an hour, transfixed. It was amazing, hearing each track separately and thinking about how they were put together to make that beautiful, simple, pure sound of his.

I'd give anything to go back and stand at that console right now! Anyway, I dug out a few pictures from my trip there, including one of the console. Here's an early link to Johnny singing ever-powerful The Man In Black for first time on TV....with a lovely description of it at the start. I'm off to watch the DVD of his TV show tonight. I'll check back in on Monday! Have a great weekend all.... SV x

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