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Monday morning..

Hey fine people. How's lockdown going for you?

Im busy working on a couple of new projects, one of which launches on Sunday, (I will pop sneaky peeks up here, first!) so my own shock and confusion is turning into a steadily focused stream of positivity. I've been out (carefully) once in the past week for supplies and fresh air, but otherwise stayed home. The local squirrel and bird families are happy they have my attention on lockdown and are bringing me much joy throughout the sunny days.. I've got 3 blackbirds, a robin, a pretty pair of tits (how could I resist) & a so far unidentified beauty (Ill share a picture in case anyone can identify?)

Aside from researching and practising for new projects, Ive also started on a bunch of "top tens" for you here, and have been busy interviewing some special guest artists I thought you might like to read about and connect with. (Always open to suggestions) here or via

I'll start with a Rockabilly Top Ten I compiled for a recent edition of Vintage Rock Magazine. (Article by Rik Flynn) I wanted to keep the focus on the amazing women of the genre. I thought you might enjoy listening to a few of the links.... (Pictured: Janis Martin, Larry & Lorrie Collins, Wanda Jackson)

Sarah Vista’s Rockabilly Top Ten: